lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Verb+ Infinitive or Gerund with a change of meaning

 I would humbly add "TRY" to the list: The difference between try + gerund and try + infinitive is very subtle. "Try + gerund" means to experiment with an action that might be a solution to your problem. "Try + infinitive" means to make an effort to do something. For example, if I am trying to learn English (try + infinitive -- this is the end goal -intentar-), I could try watching grammar videos on youtube or speaking with a native speaker (try + gerund-- these actions might be solutions to my problem -probar-).

lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

New Year's Resolutions, a classic

Tomorrow we get back on task! Let's get started with a classic! New Year's Resolutions. Are we lying to ourselves?  Do you actually have any? and what is more important, Do you stick to them?

Session 5 links

The 50 Most Iconic Designs of Everyday Objects Article

As you know, we are working on both, Design and TOPIC at the same time. You already have what you need on you mail inbox. However, I think it is interesting to watch some Grade 9 tests whenever you have the time as you will get familiar with the exam parts and how the whole process takes place...
Once you have watched the videos, please click on the examiner's comments as they may help you realise what is marked and taken into cosideration while a person is being tested. It is quite a priviledge you should take advantage of!

sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016

Session 3 Video / AudioLinks

Did you know???


Sometimes, we are told to listen to or watch the news to learn vocabulary and keep updated with the world. However, that is not an easy task! The news language is quite complicated and with a very particular style, for example: "blast" is used instead of "explosion".
Try me on Twitter!!! @TheLocalSpain

I propose a much easier way to have access to news. If you are already familiar with the information and, what is more, that is local and in a cultural context you are familiar with, chances to understand are much bigger. 
Have a go with The Local Spain. Check their web, follow them on facebook or twitter! You will love it and will learn loads of new words in a familiar context.  
Other interesting sites you can use to improve your English in a fun and easy way are BBC Podcasts , 6 minute English audios, Best sites to improve your English and never ever understimate the power of Youtube to improve your English skills. I personally like React channel based on quizzes to get your active participation on and Living Room Protest as you get not too hard while real language about hot and current topics.

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Wecome Session :D

In our welcome session we will mainly focus on two things:
1) Level test only to know where we are standing before starting.
2) Course contents and main objectives.
Right after all that is done and clear, we will talk, talk, talk nineteen to the dozen.

  • What are we here for?  Now we are ready to discuss why English is so important!? Englishmania The world's second language! 
  • We will analyse learning problems and difficulties while offering some tips to improve our level. Above all, we will get on our marks to start a quite challenging task: speaking in English!
  • GESE exam will be explained in detail
  • Break
  • Free Practice to break the ice and gain confidence. 
  • Introducing Ramón Mesa's Blog for his sessions. Please, download Topic 1 material from there and bring it printed to better follow his lesson. 
As we have to try and deliver a funky and customised personal presentations / speeches, this vocabulary may come in handy ;)