sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016

Did you know???


Sometimes, we are told to listen to or watch the news to learn vocabulary and keep updated with the world. However, that is not an easy task! The news language is quite complicated and with a very particular style, for example: "blast" is used instead of "explosion".
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I propose a much easier way to have access to news. If you are already familiar with the information and, what is more, that is local and in a cultural context you are familiar with, chances to understand are much bigger. 
Have a go with The Local Spain. Check their web, follow them on facebook or twitter! You will love it and will learn loads of new words in a familiar context.  
Other interesting sites you can use to improve your English in a fun and easy way are BBC Podcasts , 6 minute English audios, Best sites to improve your English and never ever understimate the power of Youtube to improve your English skills. I personally like React channel based on quizzes to get your active participation on and Living Room Protest as you get not too hard while real language about hot and current topics.

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