lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Wecome Session :D

In our welcome session we will mainly focus on two things:
1) Level test only to know where we are standing before starting.
2) Course contents and main objectives.
Right after all that is done and clear, we will talk, talk, talk nineteen to the dozen.

  • What are we here for?  Now we are ready to discuss why English is so important!? Englishmania The world's second language! 
  • We will analyse learning problems and difficulties while offering some tips to improve our level. Above all, we will get on our marks to start a quite challenging task: speaking in English!
  • GESE exam will be explained in detail
  • Break
  • Free Practice to break the ice and gain confidence. 
  • Introducing Ramón Mesa's Blog for his sessions. Please, download Topic 1 material from there and bring it printed to better follow his lesson. 
As we have to try and deliver a funky and customised personal presentations / speeches, this vocabulary may come in handy ;)

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